Get a cryptocurrency loan

Use available loan funds and realize your investment plan right now. Save your cryptocurrency!

Currently loanable coins BNB BTC ETH USDT


Expand your earning tools with loans

Take available funds for trading on the stock exchange and a quick entry into a profitable position. Buy additional cryptocurrency for deposit at the highest percentage.

A loan is an investment to buy mining equipment, to cover the costs of mining cryptocurrency or to grow your startup.


Loan Size

Your loan size depends on the collateral size and the cryptocurrency used as collateral — the more stable it is, the larger the loan can be.

This relationship is captured by the initial LTV — the ratio of the loan value to the collateral. On average, this figure is 70%.


Low interest-fee Loan

BaksDAO platform charge a very low loan interest. However, the smart contract charges you a fee of 3% of the loan amount. These funds are used to support the system.


Loan Closure

You need to repay the debt in BAKS in order to get your crypto assets back.

If you need the crypto used as the collateral, you can repay the debt without buying BAKS. However, the platform will charge 15% of the loan amount for this feature.