In connection with the Community’s request, we are putting forward a package of additions/changes to the BDV governance token for consideration.

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The main purpose of the Voting

Main purpose:

Long-term development and growth, maintaining the stability and liquidity of the BDV token.

Suggestions for changes/additions

⚙️ The set of changes taken at this stage of the voting process:

  1. Adjustment of tokenomics in favour of full one-off issue of BDV, increasing the share of tokens allocated for project and community development, as well as reducing the share of token ownership by the team.
  2. Definition of a minimum initial value of a BDV token when placed on IDO of at least USD 0.003 per BDV.
  3. Migration of BDV token smart contract and replacement of existing BDV tokens with new ones.
  4. IDO Timeline.
  5. Development of additional features for the BDV token.


The measures taken will help optimise the financial model of the Baksdao.Finance platform, find additional revenue opportunities for BDV holders and contribute to the development of the project in the long term.

Benefits that users will receive as a result of voting

🎉 How will users benefit from the changes?

  1. Long-term and stable growth of the BDV token.
  2. Increased funding to stimulate community interest.
  3. Increase the minimum value of the BDV token by a factor of 10.
  4. Owners of BDV tokens will be exchanged at an increasing ratio of 1:1.3.
  5. Reduced interest rates on loans from 11% APR to 3% APR, subject to repayment of loans with BDV tokens (after giving a BDV token a value).
    5.1 In order to promote the BDV token, the deposit rate is proposed to be 21% APR (after giving a BDV token a value).

🔄 How will I get new BDV tokens?

All wallets that have BDVs in their accounts will be sent new BDVs at a ratio of 1:1.3. Substitution must be carried out within 10 days of IDO.

📅 Voting deadlines: Apr 8, 2022, 3:56 PM – Apr 11, 2022, 3:56 PM (UTC).

🚨 Find out more information and vote here

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