Metaverses have several definitions. In general, they are interactive virtual worlds (universes) interacting with each other in a single strategy. In Meta universes one can engage in games, work, and contact. The vast majority of existing digital spaces are still focused on gaming, because technology has not yet been fully created to enable virtual work in them through avatars.

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The history of Metaverse

It is anticipated that within the next 5-7 years there will be both hardware and solutions that will allow both playing and working in the Metaverse.

An interesting fact is that the idea of an alternate digital reality was actually pointed out by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 work “Snow Crash”.

The Metaverse is shown as a single digital space where people communicate with each other using virtual reality glasses and a fiber-optic network.

There are more and more Meta universes emerging, and companies are willing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in them. We can point out the ones that may become the most popular among users this year.

The most famous Metaverses


The main feature of this reality is that it includes three worlds at once. Together, they allow all participants to develop their own NFT and connect them together. In Sandbox, all players can sell, exchange tokens on the Sandbox Marketplace.

In addition, users create a fun game themselves, invite other participants, engage in steaking, and receive a SAND token as a reward. The game also allows all user-created digital assets to be transformed into non-interchangeable tokens. These give ownership of any asset that is in the Metaverse.


It is also designed based on blockchain. It is considered one of the most advanced at the moment. Those who become members of Meta (not to be confused with META FB) can create a virtual piece of land, a work of art, an NFT, and take ownership. If the user wants to, can still take part in the development of DAO. If you become a member of DAO, then allowed to vote on the strategy for the development of the meta universe. It also has its own cryptocurrency – MANA. Each of the in-game assets are created based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentraland has become a huge virtual world since it launched in 2016. What users like most about it is that it has properties that can be purchased with in-game cryptocurrency and then sold.

Interestingly, MANA cryptocurrency itself is offered to buy by several cryptocurrency exchanges also for virtual assets or for fiat money. In addition to trading with a variety of objects and digital plots of land, each user can create his own digital space, and through it to interact with other members of the Metaworld.

And in Decentraland you can also advertise your content and curate other projects. It’s worth mentioning that for those who don’t have significant financial resources, buying some digital items as well as virtual plots of land can be inaccessible because they cost tens of thousands of dollars.

In order to use the full functionality of the Decentraland Metaverse, the user needs a cryptocurrency wallet. The creators advise a Metamask wallet, in which MANA tokens can be stored.

Люди покупают виртуальные дома по цене настоящих. Вот до чего дошёл  прогресс!

People buy virtual houses for the price of real ones. This is what progress has come to!

Metaverse Theta.

This project is considered one of the most promising at the moment. The main reason for the interest in it is that Meta is already almost completely ready, so it is possible to construct different projects in it. Virtual reality is visualized, and it is possible to conduct video streaming in worlds using a decentralized network.

It is sometimes speculated on specialized forums that Theta is a decentralized YouTube.

It can not only watch, but also cache video content, better than existing centralized platforms at the moment. At first, Metaverse was created on the Ethereum blockchain, but then the team decided to create its own blockchain protocol. Each participant can create an asset and then store it as an NFT object.

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Enjin Metaworld.

The next project that is considered promising this year is the Enjin Metaverse.

Its features are that it is possible to create, store and sell virtual goods. Before a virtual commodity becomes valuable, the ENJ token must be blocked in a smart contract. After that, the player can already sell or use the virtual commodity based on what the terms of the smart contract are. When an item is sold, its owner receives a token.

In the Enjin Metaworld, participants can develop with their own efforts applications, resources, using blockchain technology for this purpose. By leveraging the tools in it, developers create coins of value with customers. Another important function of this Metaworld is social. Its point is to prevent fraudsters from using the virtual space to distribute digital fake goods.


Another Meta-Universe that deserves attention is Iluvium.

It is considered the first Meta, which is fully controlled by the community. It can be played by both beginners and experienced gamers. It is also possible to collect items and trade them.

Participants in the Metaverse can travel through a variety of landscapes, hunt animals, capture them to trade, and so on. It combines elements of classic games and the Auto Battlerite genre.


Metaverses are different in form. This one, in form, is a tokenized decentralized cryptocurrency skyscraper. It includes 21 levels. Its members can use the information in it to play, develop their own projects, get virtual real estate, and make trades.

In addition, it can learn the basics of cryptography, and if the user wants to make a profit from advertising, can monetize the customer base, using a special mechanism NFT. Metaworld has been invested in by well-known funds such as Animoca Brands. Cryptocurrency exchanges cooperate with it, among them OKX.

Metaverse is based on the Polygon blockchain network. As noted by its participants, Bloktopia has very beautiful visual effects. It, like many others, has a marketplace where you can buy NFT tokens.


CEEK Metaworld is also noteworthy. It was created specifically for musicians, athletes and other developers of virtual works. They can communicate with their fans in a digital reality. Meta-universe gives to each of the content creators an opportunity to make a profit from their works and to attract fans from all over the world. It has a CEEK token, through which all payments and rewards are made. Meta CEEK creators want each creator to be able to count on a decent income.


All of the above projects are only the most famous at the moment. In fact, Meta universes are very diverse and there are many more. Seeing their great potential, many corporations from Facebook to Boeing decided to use them to fulfill their goals: to build up their client base, increase awareness and attract new investments.

The year 2022 could be a breakthrough year for Metaworlds, as new technologies will appear to make them more functional and interesting for users.

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