We are ready to share with you the good news – our BAKS Stablecoin was included in the rating of the international analytical portal CoinMarketCap.

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CoinMarketCap is the world’s largest independent aggregator of cryptocurrency data. The company tracks over 18 079 assets and about 309 exchanges.

👀 At CoinMarketCap information about a token:
— Token statistics (price, capitalization and more).
— Trading pairs.
— Exchanges and exchanges where you can buy or exchange token.

🤑 BAKS token:
— Algorithmic Stablecoin.
— The coin’s liquidity is fully provided by BaksDAO smart contracts.
—1 BAKS is always equal to 1 USDT.

💵 You can buy and exchange BAKS on BaksDAO platform and Coinsbit exchange.

You can also track the performance of our stable token in another well-known analytical rating – CoinGecko.

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