About the platform

The primary and fundamental mission of the project is to make financial services available worldwide in order to develop a democratic society and preserve the environment for future generations.


HODL with profit! Increase your assets with deposits and loans in popular cryptocurrencies.


The reliability of our smart contracts has been confirmed by the international auditor Solidproof.


Intuitive interface and training materials that help every user get started quickly, regardless of the level of knowledge in crypto. Customer care service and technical support work for you 24/7.


Keep your investments in a smart contract without hidden fees and charges or any third parties involvement. All transactions are open and recorded in the blockchain.


Manage your assets independently without time and volume restrictions.


Integrations with the latest industry trends: NFT, Meta-Universe, Gaming and more.

BAKS stablecoin

BAKS is a fully secured, protected and reliable stablecoin that can be used by absolutely any market participant. It is fully transparent and it is secured by the amount of funds on the smart contract.

Algorithmic BAKS

  • BAKS is always equal to 1 USD
  • the rate does not depend on external factors and corrections in the financial market
  • the liquidity of the coin is fully secured by collateral on smart contracts
  • there is no option to manually manage BAKS emission, the volume of supply depends on the volume of loans and deposits issued
  • security check every 3-8 seconds

BAKS Stability

At the initial stage we tied up $100,000 in the Ethereum network that act as a guarantor of the stable value of the coin. In the future, the emission of BAKS will depend on the amount of funds placed on the platform. If demand for the stablecoin rises and the price diverges above its dollar peg by more than 1%, the protocol’s smart contract will automatically issue a number of new tokens to bring the price back down, and vice versa.

BDV token

It is a government token and a recapitalization source.

BDVs give unique rights to its holders:

  • gain from an increase in the price of the token
  • receive discounts and privileges on platform functions
  • take part in voting on the management of the platform
  • become a member of the decentralized community
  • become a sponsor of projects to preserve and protect the environment
  • invest in the future: education in programming for the meta-universes, new startups

BaksDAO Careers

We strive to provide access to instant lending to cryptocurrency holders around the world. Join our team, if you believe in the future of the DeFi market. Leave a request to our mail [email protected]