About the platform

BAKSDAO is a DeFi platform where you can get a perpetual loan secured by cryptocurrencies.

We stick to a new approach in lending. We are sure that if a person possesses cryptocurrency, he would not have to repay a loan at a definite and inconvenient time. Therefore, the platform allows the user to issue the required amount of BAKS coins secured by his crypto assets.

Our Mission

BAKSDAO gives users around the world an opportunity to obtain liquidity secured by their assets in an instant and unaided way. The users repay their loans at any time they like. In addition to this, we allow our users to earn interest on their crypto.

DeFi Market

The Warton Business School experts at the University of Pensylvania define six main DeFi service categories:

  • stablecoins,
  • exchanges,
  • credit,
  • derivatives,
  • insurance,
  • asset management and auxiliary services such as wallets and oracles.

We support this classification and believe that DeFi is only at the beginning of its development, even though there are already billions of dollars locked in decentralized finance and European and American VCs are actively investing in DeFi. We predict that DeFi will soon be involved in all sectors of the economy, from logistics to agriculture.


We strive to provide access to instant lending to cryptocurrency holders around the world. Join our team, if you believe in the future of the DeFi market. Leave a request to our mail [email protected]