Perpetual loans secured by cryptocurrencies

  • No need to sell your crypto asset.
  • The minimum amount is $50.
  • Automatic approval without any guarantors and credit checks.
  • Instantly to the wallet.

Second-by-second growth of your deposit

Get up to 15% per annum on the invested capital.

The deposit is made to a smart contract (funds storage), the BAKS stablecoin is issued under the deposited funds.

The platform is secure

All system nodes, smart contracts, platform modules, including social engineering, are audited by the platform community and specialized companies.

24/7 Support

Audited by




Impact the future of the platform.

These are the platform participants who are the essence of BaksDAO development. We want to preserve and improve the key principles of cryptocurrencies, allowing our users to manage the platform by themselves. Having created a modern equal community, we are building an economic model of our future together.

We are DAO, and DAO is you. Contribute to the BaksDAO Community.


4th quarter 2018
Сreating a concept, project team recruitment
4th quarter 2021
Alpha Ver.
Deposits / Major Office, government token / voting function, Smart Contract Wizard, Stablecoin Bot
1st quarter 2022
Beta Ver.
Beta Release, the Graph Analytics, bridge update, expanding the list of wallets + coins, new website, BDV voting
2nd quarter 2022
Switching to ERC-20/Polygon/Optimism, Uniswap, listing BAKS on a CEX, IDO, BDV listing on DEX
3rd quarter 2022
Access to the international market
Opening a direction to the USA market (office/partners), Metaverse, NFT, gaming
4th quarter 2022
Automation of arbitration trades, listing on major exchanges

Frequently asked questions

The user shall comply with the laws of a jurisdiction he/she is subject to. There are no other requirements.

You can interact with the Platform using your wallet. Your connected wallet will serve as your identifier. In case you want to be notified of a margin call and keep your collateral, if the exchange rate drops, you'd better sign up.

Today, you can borrow against ETH/BNB-WBNB/BTC-BTCB/USDT. In the future, the list of coins can be extended, if the Platform's community decides so.

You will have BAKS Stablecoin, which is a 100 % secured stablecoin. For more stablecoin details, please refer to the BAKS Stablecoin section.

You can borrow any amount, but you have to bear in mind the pledged coin LTV*. The amount of your loan depends on the pledged coin: the more stable the cryptocurrency gets, the greater amount you can borrow. For example, if the user pledges $1,000 in bitcoins or Ethereum, he/she can have $650 in stablecoins or 65 % of the collateral amount. *The loan value to collateral amount ratio is called Loan-to-Value, or LTV for short. The initial LTV may vary depending on coins. For example, if the altcoin rate is unstable and prone to regular changes, its LTV will be lower — about 50 %. Please use the loan form to calculate the loan amount.

LTV is the ratio of the value of your loan to the value of your collateral. The initial LTV depends on what coin you provide as collateral. The more stable the coin is, the larger the maximum possible loan amount will be. LTV = loan amount / collateral amount.

If LTV exceeds the margin call LTV, you will receive a request (if you have signed up) to increase the collateral amount or partially replenish the loan. If you fail to do so, your LTV may reach the liquidation LTV. Once your LTV has exceeded the liquidation LTV, we will put your collateral up for sale to repay the loan.

No. All coins always have the margin call LTV of 75 % and the liquidation LTV of 83 %.

If the pledged cryptocurrency falls in price, the collateral amount soon reaches the loan amount and LTV rises. If LTV reaches 75 %, the Platform automatically sends a margin call* notice to the user. *Margin call is the Platform's request for additional funds or collateral amount top-up. Unless this is done, LTV may rise and the Platform will start liquidating the collateral.

LTV reaching 83 % triggers automatic collateral sale.

You will take your asset back in full, when you repay the Loan you raised and close it.

At present, we accept BTC, ETH, USDT and BNB. We are constantly extending the list of coins we accept. A more detailed list is available in your account in the Loans section.

You can adjust the collateral amount on the loan page. Here you can also add new coins to the collateral amount at any time or repay the loan in whole or in part.

As far as we are concerned, your loan has no time limits. You can choose a repayment term that you are happy with.

Interest on loan is calculated at a rate of 11 % per annum. Later on, if the community so decides, the percentage may be reduced or cancelled completely (for example, when a loan is repaid with BAKS Voice token). Besides, when a smart contract is formed, you are charged a stability fee of 1.5 % of the loan amount. These funds cover the deployment of smart contracts in the blockchain network, oracle and help desk support.

Nowadays, it is only possible to close a loan with BAKS coin. This is due to the burning of coins when you repay the loan to stabilize the BAKS rate. Later on, it will also be possible to close a loan with BDV token at a minimum fee.

Yes, you can close your loan at any time. It is free of charge.

At present, there is no such function. We have plans to introduce such option in the future. It will be possible to close a loan at the cost of the collateral and have the balance transferred to your wallet. Stay tuned for platform updates.

Yes, you can close your loan by installments and you will have a lower LTV. But in order to have your collateral back, you need to repay the loan in full. This is necessary for the loan smart contract to burn the entire amount on that loan when the user disburses the loan.

If the pledged currency devalues, coin LTV can rise even when it reaches 83 % and the collateral will be sold automatically (even if the exchange rate drops briefly). Therefore, in order to avoid losing your collateral, you need to replenish it and reduce the LTV level.

Yes, you can deposit your funds and earn a steady income. 100 % security of user funds and high return on invested capital make the solution unique. A deposit is made to a smart contract (depository of funds) and a BAKS stablecoin is issued against the deposit. The Platform extends loans against the stablecoin issue, profits off of all exchange transactions and shares its profit with the user who has deposited his/her funds. Thus, the funds on deposit are constantly monitored by the user while also producing a stable high income.

Your funds are on a smart contract. They are not involved in trading or other transactions. BAKS Stablecoin is issued against the deposit of your funds and later granted as a loan against other cryptocurrencies or used in exchange transactions earning an exchange fee. Thus, you have reliable protection for your funds and understanding of your earnings. With Ethercsan and Bscscan, you can always see whether your funds are on the smart contract.

Only the user with a connected wallet the smart contract deposit transaction was effected from. The deposit smart contract only responds to the transfer command from the wallet this transaction came from. This is a permanent function that ensures 100 % security of funds and control over the withdrawal of cryptoassets. KEEP YOUR WALLET SECURE!

There are different rates for different coins. For the current rates, please go to the Deposits after connecting with BaksDAO platform.

There are no compulsory terms. You can withdraw your funds at any time. The only thing is that the earlier you withdraw your funds, the less income you enjoy from the quoted rate.

No KYC is required. The Platform identifies you by your connected wallet.

Yes, you can have a permanent passive income as % of the Platform for users you brought. To do this, you need to be verified and get access to the Platform's function for Managers.

At the moment the collateral smart contract receives pledged funds, another smart contract issues BAKS Stablecoin. This is the only way to issue stablecoins. So, all issued BAKS Stablecoins are secured by real cryptoassets. It is always equal to USD 1.

The Platform enables BAKS Stablecoin issue only when the user transfers a collateral or deposit to a smart contract. BAKS cannot be “printed” or issued in any other way. 1 BAKS is always equal to the value of USD 1. And here is why: Coin stability is maintained by the coin volume balancing module. Every time there is a difference in the system between the amount of all issued BAKS stablecoins and the total value of all collaterals and deposits, the module burns or issues the required amount of coins to keep the system balanced. The maximum possible change is +-1 %, the time to check rate updates is 1 block (every 3-8 seconds). BAKS burning is meant to increase stablecoin value up to $1 and issue is meant to reduce it to $1. Burning and issue take place instantaneously in the Stabilization Fund, so BAKS value is always equal to $1. Issue-related algorithmic changes and balance-related countercyclical strategies make BAKS stablecoins independent of unpredictability and user behavior during broad market corrections. At the same time, the transparency and reliability of the entire BAKS stablecoin ecosystem ensured by smart contracts contribute to stability and reliability.

You can exchange BAKS for popular cryptocurrencies BTC/BNB/ETH/USDT on the Platform in the Exchange section. The list of coins will be extended in the future. You can also exchange BAKS on the major DeFi platforms, Pancakeswap. This option will soon be available on Uniswap. The list of platforms is constantly updated. Information on new platforms will be posted on our website.

With platform launch, we start BDV Token bounty programs. The information on current programs is available in our communities.

BDV token holders are involved in platform development when they vote for certain suggestions to improve platform operation. BDV holders can vote on a number of different issues - each user with these tokens may vote on platform development issues and introduction of changes into the system algorithms.

BDV token has no value. It may be assigned value in the future, if the community decides so and votes for such changes. At the moment, the token is meant for governance only.

The borrower's funds are protected by smart contracts that have been tested for vulnerability by international auditing companies and intra-community experts. Smart contract reliability is key to stable code verified by international auditing companies specializing in the cybersecurity of a blockchain network built of millions of devices. Unlike a bank, BaksDAO cannot use the user's funds as it thinks fit. And with Etherscan and Bscscan, you can always make sure your funds are on your smart contract.

At present, there is no such function. We are working on a BAKS Stablecoin / fiat currencies exchange option. Stay tuned for BaksDAO updates.

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